Green Turtle Cay (pronounced Key) is approximately 3 miles across from Treasure Cay on the main land. About 450 residents reside there, 100 of which are foreign home owners, many of which rent their homes. The island is approximately 3 ½ miles long and 2/3 of a mile wide.

Originally settled in 1783 by the "Loyalists" escaping the revolutionary war, Green Turtle is one of the most historical of the out islands. New Plymouth, Green Turtle’s main settlement with its brightly painted clapboard houses and narrow streets is reminiscent of a quaint New England town. The town offers several historical sites including its 200 year old cemetery, the Cays original jail (now painted pink) a model schooner museum, Albert Lowe Museum, a Sculpture Garden with bronze busts of famous Bahamian historical figures along with many historical homes.

The island offers two well known resorts, the Bluff House and the Green Turtle Club. Both establishments offer fine dining, boat slips and a variety of places to rent. The Gully Roosters, who bill themselves as the Number 1 band in the Nation, play at both resorts.
Abaco Paddleboards - 242-475-0954
Ferry To/From Green Turtle
Lowe's Green Turtle Cay Ferry - 242-365-4166 or 242-365-4128
Donnie's Boat Rentals - 242-365-4119
Reef Rentals - 242-365-4145
D&P Golf Cart Rentals - 242-365-4655
Kool Karts - 242-365-4176
Sea Side Cart Rentals - 242-577-5497
Guides to the Abacos
Abaco Guide - by Sandy Estabrook
Bluff House (Beach Resort & Marina) - 242-365-4247
Down Tru (liquor store – try a "Tingum)
Green Turtle Club (Resort & Marina) - 866-528-0539
Harvey’s Grill (wide variety of menu offerings, great desserts) - 242-365-4389
Lionel (freshly made conch salad and fritters) (look for him on Friday and Saturday at the town dock)
Lizard Bar (Leeward of Yacht Club) (daily specials, lunch and dinner) heated pool - 242-365-4191
McIntosh’s (lunch and dinner, also a bakery and home made ice cream shop) - 242-365-4625
Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar (home of the original Goombay Smash) also serves lunch and dinner - 242-365-4181
Pineapples Bar and Grill (2-4-1 happy hour – lunch, dinner, refreshing swimming pool) - 242-365-4226
Plymouth Rock (liquor store, serves breakfast and lunch – Friday night –wine tasting - 242-365-4234
Shorty’s Take Away (not to miss fried chicken, one picnic table, nice place to eat and chill with tourists and locals alike
Sundowners (pool table, full moon party) (pizza and subs and other snacks) - 242-365-4060
Wrecking Tree (lunch and dinner, home of the "wrecker" and made to order conch or lobster salad) - 242-365-4263
Green Turtle Cay is considered a safe place for tourists and their children. You can park your golf cart and walk through town to eat and shop. The basketball court is a meeting place for children and adults and is also where many community events are held. Parents can sit outside at the Blue Bee’s picnic table and enjoy a "Goombay smash" while watching their children play.

Green Turtle is unique from many of the other out islands in that the locals are very visible. Unlike other cays, many Bahamians live and work on the cay. You can watch the ferry pick up their children in uniform for school most week days. At night the locals frequent the same restaurant and bars as the tourists. If you are looking to meet friendly, outgoing locals and tourists, Green Turtle Cay is the place for you. That being said, the cay offers plenty of private homes, secluded beaches and sunsets to satisfy the honeymooners and the romantics too.

During New Year, Green Turtle Cay hosts the Junkanoo, a parade with local food and drinks. The island fills up with people from the other cays for the day. In May, the cay holds its family friendly Island Roots Heritage Festival, a sister city celebration between Key West, Florida and New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay. (